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We are a group of visual artists and photographers 🐈 and have been collaborating with numerous other artists from India and abroad since last couple of years. In addition to running Farside Collective, we also continue our individual artistic practice, attend residencies, allied events & exhibtions.

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Poison of memory, nectar of hope

The Irregulars Art Fair, New Delhi 2019

Poison of memory, nectar of hope is an installation and single channel video showed at The Irregulars Art Fair, New Delhi 2019.

A moment of arrival or departure. A moment of migration, a phase of change. Domestic furnitures are packed to be ‘moved’ or maybe just brought in to be unpacked in a new place. Someone has to move, because the leader in the backdrop is being ‘moved’. To be replaced by a new leader?

The installation questions the idea of leadership, public statues, and how personal histories are affected by change in political discourses

Everything is going according
to plan 

Seoul Museum of Art, Nanji Residency,
Seoul; Korea 2018

I dream of smoking in Toba Tek Singh is a series of Installations based on real and imagined journeys across hostile borders.

The work is loosely based around short stories of Sadat Hassan Manto. The artist questions the idea of nations, nationalism, leaders, and partition of countries and looks closely at lives of people caught in this crossfire through mediums of personal photographs, letters, diary entries, and poems.

The statues are covered to be discarded and replaced by new ones, or maybe the new ones have arrived and yet to be inaugurated? Are we just replacing leaders who decide the fate of millions, tearing up families and turning friends into foes?

The balloons carry personal messages for public viewing about the absurdity of partition; hopeful of crossing over non-porous walls between countries.

Brewing Spring

Short Documentery with
CEPT University single channel
15mins, 2017

The 15 mins short film is about a small group of organic tea farmers of Assam, who are making organic hand made teas facing challenges from Tea corporations, with a dream of making world class Assamese organic tea. 

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The artist is missing

PRAM Residency, Prague, CZ, 2017

The art works produced here are our reflections on borders and a commentary on the historical conflict between India & Pakistan. Looking at a historical conflict for a line drawn on paper by colonialists. Deconstructing the line into a fragile structure made with stones which can be moved easily.

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Unlock Hundarman

Community lead village museum of
memories project, 2015-2017

As the jeeps from Kargil ride up the Hundarman hill, leaving behind the mighty Suru river, sign boards appear warning people to watch out for landmines and possibility that the “ememy” might be watching.

These are memories from 1971, when India and Pakistan were at war and the village of Hundarman was claimed by India. The villagers fearing the Indian army fled to Pakistan leaving behind their homes. They left their houses & left behind almost every possession they had, from their French coffee, Karachi biscuits, books from Lahore, medicines from Germany and cutlery from England. Their homes are frozen in time since last 45 years.

Only in the summer of 2015, our team opened it and found the stories of people scattered around the village. Our team has documented the entire settlement consisting of 25 households. We have photo documented more than 100 items found in the houses.

In 2016, we made a museum of memories in the village, run by a local which is currently running.

See report of the project: Unlock Hundarman

Leh Public Art Project 
with CEPT University, Ahmedabad, 2017

While driving across Himalayas from Leh, Zanskar & Himachal, we realized that migrant labors from UP, Bihar, Rajasthan build all the roads. They come from landscapes and climates so different from the high Himalayas, living in tents in barren wide valleys building roads so that we can reach the most non-motorable terrains. The public art project was initiated behind this thought. We thought of doing something in Leh old town, a labor ghetto now, as a public art project. The project is an response to the "beauty" of Ladakh and what lies within.

We called this project "untitled" because we are looking at people who have no names, daily labors, coming all the way at 4000 m above sea level. The outcome will be drawing huge portraits of labors in the walls of building sin the old town. We decided to use "earth" instead of paint to draw; the kind of white clay earth which is used in plaster in Ladakh. This is a response to our commitment in using local materials and identity.

The project was initiated in the summer of 2017.

See the project publication- Leh Public Art Project 

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