Travel, not to see new places, but to see with new eyes.


- Gael Faye

Why Travel?

We travel to seek new experiences, to look for inspirations, not only for design, for life. Our lives are migratory, living in different places in different seasons. We learn from traveling, have met exciting people, saw rare sights in most unexpected places. While traveling we found stories of people worth sharing and learning from . From there we started to offer travel based art/design residencies, travel programs and workshops.


We have revisited many places we loved and people from different parts of India and abroad have come to travel with us in North Indian Himalayas, North Eastern tropicals, dusty plains of Delhi & Rajasthan and in Europe.



Indus river is the heart of Asia, flowing from the mighty Tibetan plateau entering India in Ladakh and crossing over to Pakistan before meeting the Arabian sea. The old silk route of Ladakh passed along this river and we have identified around 10 points of interests like villages, landscapes, settlements along the river which were strategically important.

"Traveling along the Indus" is a summer program which deals with traveling along the river to these points of interest and create a narrative story. We will be meeting people in these villages, record oral history & narratives, draw patterns and stitch a social and historical map of the region focusing on the river.


TEAM: Debasish Borah, Helene Thebault, Jagrut Raval

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“Kulanthapitha” the ancient name of Kullu literally means “End of the Habitable world” and Col. Francis Younghusband confirms, “Any one standing on the top of Rohtang Pass can understand the name.” While we came down on our motorbike crossing over Rohtangla to reach Kullu valley, we found a small village Naggar, 15kms south of Manali. The small village is a typical of any Kullu or Parvati valley village, except for the fact that Nicolas Roerich, a 20th century Russian painter lived there for 20 years, drawing multiple shades of Himalayas.


The idyllic town is towered over by the elegant Naggar Castle. Built in the traditional Pahari style wooden carvings adorn the pillars of pine and spruce. The castle overlooks the entire breadth of the Kullu Valley and the view is testament enough to its nickname ‘Valley of the Gods’.


We ventured deep into Roerich estate of the village, walking amongst the mighty Deodar trees to find interesting small settlements. We plan to come back here with a travel program in near future.


TEAM: Debasish Borah, Helene Thebault



Sikkim is a small place of people with big hearts. The Bhutias will make fire for you when you are high up in Yumthang valley, the Lepchas will make you drink amazing home made rice beer and Nepalese with feed you sial roti while you drive through the meandering roads of Temi tea gardens. Sikkim is a small world with different people and landscapes as varied as tropical forests and high altitude cold deserts.


We have traveled length & breath of Sikkim and know almost all villages by back of our hands. We have worked there in mapping of heritage buildings across North & South districts, lived couple of months exploring interior Sikkim drawing, mapping and finding built and natural heritage.


TEAM: Debasish Borah,


We have seen a good lot of Europe; Helene was born in France and have traveled extensively almost everywhere in Europe. In 2016 & in 2017, Debasish & Helene have bag-packed in counties like France, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic etc looking for design inspirations. They have visited the most celebrated modern architecture marvels of Le Corbusier, found interesting contemporary visual culture in Germany and seen some of the most amazing  art & design museums of the world. They are currently working in a travel project connecting all the dots from Europe.



Please drop an email at to say hi !

or call  at +91-9435157821 (India) +33-769121008 (France)

We are on the road most of the times, either up in the cold Himalayas or in the misty tropical forests of North East India. We might not get back to you promptly. Please don't send emails for jobs; we don't hire, having said that we are always available for fruitful collaborations.


If you have a project in mind in areas of art, design, culture or travel in the places we work across Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, please write to us. Depending on project situations we sometimes call people for internships/volunteering opportunities.


Please visit us in our studio at Leh at Upper Karzoo, a small quite village just 15 mins walk from Leh Bazar.



You can join us in the travel programs we offer in the Himalayas from time to time. Please write to us if you want us to plan your travels; we will be very happy to take you to exciting places in groups or individuals. Please write to us about your interest and places you want to visit and we will get to work.


We are not a regular travel agency and are personally involved with every initiative. We will offer you travel programs in places we know by back of our hands and we diligently plan things till the last detail for a fruitful travel experience.

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