"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."


~Haruki Murakami

Learning with us?

We are believers in the power of design to make a difference. We are traveling , working and learning. We are making an effort to extend our learnings in the domain of art, design, architecture with like minded students and professionals. We offer workshops and travel programs dealing with natural buildings, upcyclying furniture, documentation & recording of sites in Himalayan settlements and creative residencies. Please get in touch to know about future programs or ask us to prepare a tailor made program specifically for you.



We are in the opinion of recording & documentation of sites & settlements in places where less people venture. This comes from the idea that heritage should not be glorified in isolation. We believe that if Humayun's tomb and Kailash temple have heritage value, so do tiny wooden houses in the higher ranges of Parvati valley & bamboo houses of Upper Assam.

Our programs are not typical measure & draw exercises of houses, but rather a humane approach to understanding cultural landscapes. We value architecture, crafts & heritage as much as we value the food we eat in the specific site or an evening of story telling with the village elders.


We have been involved with organizing travel based documentation and recording programs for over 4 years now. Many students & working professionals are coming with us to Ladakh, Himachal & North east to observe and record cultural landscapes.


TEAM LEADERS; Debasish Borah & Helene Thebault.



We look at ourselves as craftsmen, rather than an designers. We believe in the philosophy of “making” with one’s own hands. We have worked with masons and carpenters at 4000 meters above sea level in the high Himalayas for last 4 years now and realized that there is no more grater skill then turning stones into homes; where life dwells. We believe that academics of architecture should be workshop based, rather then drawing table based where people “make”- whatever small thing it might be. We have always admired “hand-made”, from textiles to pottery; and believe that this nation has a treasure hidden in the small villages & towns from which we can learn; to unlearn what we are taught in our schools & colleges.


Our workshop based learning programs are conducted in our sites and we have traveled to offer them in different parts of India and abroad.


TEAM: Debasish Borah, Helene Thebault +




This is an upcoming initiative of Farside Collective where we plan to offer residential art residency in Ladakh from autumn of 2017. We are planing to offer month-long residency programs to artists, designers, film makers, writers, photographers or allied areas of creative fields to come to Ladakh for a period of one month, live and produce creative works with us. We would like the artist to have a clear proposal in mind before applying. We will be offering two residencies per term of one month, running four programs in one year leading to a combined exhibition of all the artists.


This is a highly subsidized program where Farside Collective pays a major portion of living cost of the invited artist. Please look out for this program in near future.

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Please drop an email at farsideindia@gmail.com to say hi !

or call  at +91-9435157821 (India) +33-769121008 (France)

We are on the road most of the times, either up in the cold Himalayas or in the misty tropical forests of North East India. We might not get back to you promptly. Please don't send emails for jobs; we don't hire, having said that we are always available for fruitful collaborations.


If you have a project in mind in areas of art, design, culture or travel in the places we work across Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, please write to us. Depending on project situations we sometimes call people for internships/volunteering opportunities.


Please visit us in our studio at Leh at Upper Karzoo, a small quite village just 15 mins walk from Leh Bazar.



You can join us in the travel programs we offer in the Himalayas from time to time. Please write to us if you want us to plan your travels; we will be very happy to take you to exciting places in groups or individuals. Please write to us about your interest and places you want to visit and we will get to work.


We are not a regular travel agency and are personally involved with every initiative. We will offer you travel programs in places we know by back of our hands and we diligently plan things till the last detail for a fruitful travel experience.

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