Gem Barton says "Think about the biggest problems we face today: poverty, dwindling energy resources and war- it is design, not money, that has the potential to solve these problems."


Design is a way of life, its a tool to create an impact for a better world to live in. We are a tiny design agency who believes in creating small context driven design solutions for everyday issues.


We work in areas of natural building, repair & restoration of historic buildings, research in local building technology, graphic design: identity & branding, communications, furniture design and upcylcying.


We have always believed in creating social impact and stayed away from design without conscience.




//Restoration, Leh// 2016

//Interior & brand, Leh// 2016

Read more about the project

Read more about the project

Read more about the project

Ramzani Heritage House is an upcoming guest house, cafe, library and a social place in Padum, Zanskar area of Ladakh. The project is initiated in the summer of 2015. The idea is to maximize the local potential of the place in relation to modern interventions in terms of architecture construction technology & craft practices. The 30,000 square feet complex is currently under construction and built primarily of sun-dried mud bricks, local stones, timber and rammed earth.


The views from the site towards the mountains of Kharsa on north and the movement of the sun are the primary design considerations. The building is N-S oriented with places like cafe, living spaces and offices oriented towards South & East.

Lobding-pa is an ongoing project in Leh. The 300 year old historic house is abandoned since last  50 years and on the verge of collapse. We have joined hands with the owners to restore the house in barter system. It will be converted into a cultural center in the heart of Leh old town. It will house a library exhibition space, a cafe, screening room and a co-working space.


We have been working with the idea of using 100% local building materials and technology and at the same time experiment with methods and ideas which is for todays world.

Lobding Cafe is initiated by the same client who owns Lobding Pa house. The cafe is made entirely by waste found from Lobding Pa house, except minor new additional furnitures. The brief was to create a interior space which is relaxed and trendy, still holding the local Ladakhi spirit.


We managed to finish the interiors in a month time with more than 80% reused materials shifted from Lobding Pa house.


//Heritage Resort, Zanskar// 2015-

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We are on the road most of the times, either up in the cold Himalayas or in the misty tropical forests of North East India. We might not get back to you promptly. Please don't send emails for jobs; we don't hire, having said that we are always available for fruitful collaborations.


If you have a project in mind in areas of art, design, culture or travel in the places we work across Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, please write to us. Depending on project situations we sometimes call people for internships/volunteering opportunities.


Please visit us in our studio at Leh at Upper Karzoo, a small quite village just 15 mins walk from Leh Bazar.



You can join us in the travel programs we offer in the Himalayas from time to time. Please write to us if you want us to plan your travels; we will be very happy to take you to exciting places in groups or individuals. Please write to us about your interest and places you want to visit and we will get to work.


We are not a regular travel agency and are personally involved with every initiative. We will offer you travel programs in places we know by back of our hands and we diligently plan things till the last detail for a fruitful travel experience.