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Farside Collective is a creative agency working in the crossroads of Art & Design.

हताश निराशावाद और संतुष्ट आशावाद के बीच, एकमात्र उचित दृष्टिकोण स्वैच्छिकता है अल्बर्ट जैक्वार्ड

Between desperate pessimism and satisfied optimism, the only reasonable attitude is voluntarism.

Albert Jacquard


We are passengers, crossing this kind wide world; one day at a time.


Sitting outside after another dinner cooked in the dark, the song is playing. We are humming its two-sentence lyrics almost unknowingly, contemplating the star clouds in the clear sky  where the sun was dazzling all day.


We are in Padum, Zanskar; a place where one understands what ‘remote’ means. The road to Padum is one of the most impressive and dangerous on earth; the horizon narrows itself down to open up again without warning, one feels trapped among the mysterious peaks until reaching the wide open valley where Padum sits.


Time goes by slowly here. Looking up at the sky, it really feels that going any further than this would literally mean the moon.


Farside is where we live, travel and work, venturing into the unexplored, not only physically hard to reach, but places whose potential is hidden, forgotten, awaiting for cultural activation.

It  is an expression of ideas we love and care about. We are nomads, living & working different seasons in different places; constantly traveling and seeking new experiences as life moves ahead. We are intrigued by history & heritage, beautiful landscapes, literature, contemporary art and visual content.


Along our journey, we are collecting memories in form of drawings, photographs or writing, often initiating projects as we contemplate riding our motorcycle. We have exhibited our works in Delhi, Leh, Kargil, Sikkim and Prague, Czech Republic over last 5 years.



A self published independent bi-annual zine by Farside collective.


Photo-story of the Sindhi Community: Ansh Vohra

Believed to be the original inhabitants of the Indus Valley civilization, the Sindhi Community is one of the few in the world that has traditionally been known to follow two religions simultaneously. But a meteoric rise in communal violence post partition forced them to pledge allegiance to one side or the other.


Refer the Issue #1 Conflict 2017 for further reading.



Living with History, Gujarat Riots 2002: Jagrut Raval

The Gujarat riots is one of the most photographed event in the beginning of the 21st century. The story is a collection of original newspaper cuttings from 2002 collected by Jagrut as a young boy living in Ahmedabad. The photo story is an attempt to look at history and how do we live with it.


Refer the Issue #1 Conflict 2017 for further reading.




Please drop an email at to say hi !

or call  at +91-9435157821 (India) +33-769121008 (France)

We are on the road most of the times, either up in the cold Himalayas or in the misty tropical forests of North East India. We might not get back to you promptly. Please don't send emails for jobs; we don't hire, having said that we are always available for fruitful collaborations.


If you have a project in mind in areas of art, design, culture or travel in the places we work across Himalayas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, please write to us. Depending on project situations we sometimes call people for internships/volunteering opportunities.


Please visit us in our studio at Leh at Upper Karzoo, a small quite village just 15 mins walk from Leh Bazar.



You can join us in the travel programs we offer in the Himalayas from time to time. Please write to us if you want us to plan your travels; we will be very happy to take you to exciting places in groups or individuals. Please write to us about your interest and places you want to visit and we will get to work.


We are not a regular travel agency and are personally involved with every initiative. We will offer you travel programs in places we know by back of our hands and we diligently plan things till the last detail for a fruitful travel experience.

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हताश निराशावाद और संतुष्ट आशावाद के बीच, एकमात्र उचित दृष्टिकोण स्वैच्छिकता है अल्बर्ट जैक्वार्ड Albert Jacquard
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हताश निराशावाद और संतुष्ट आशावाद के बीच, एकमात्र उचित दृष्टिकोण स्वैच्छिकता है अल्बर्ट जैक्वार्ड Albert Jacquard